Black Crow Carbon

MTB Rims & Handbuilt Wheelsets Refined and Tested in Australia

Lifetime Free Replacement Warranty

We have taken our time, done our homework and ‘ real world ‘ tested our products in Australia with all types of riding environments
We have the confidence to offer our LIFETIME rim Warranty
If you break a rim, we’ll immediatelyΒ  send you a new replacement for all riding related damage

No More Rim Tape

Our undrilled ‘ UST ‘ rim design eliminates the extra cost and hassle of tubeless rim tape to seal the spoke holes.
No more leaking tape issues and no more inconvenience or damage to tape with installing and removing tyres and fitting tyre insert systems such as Cushcore


Who is Black Crow Carbon?Β  We are a group of passionate riders who want to design and produce reliable and unique products that meet the demands of Australian riders.

With our in-house experience and expertise in carbon design and manufacturing within the aerospace industry. We’ve hit the ground running to release our very own Australian designed and refined carbon wheel brand.

Black Crow Carbon

Rider owned, customer focused

Black Crow Carbon is about intelligent, versatile and resilient carbon rims and wheelsets that will lift your riding.

Our goal with Black Crow Carbon is to eliminate long lead times, simplify the choice for the consumer and bring our own ideas and layup designs for riders by riders.

If you value your time on the bike rather than the repair stand, and an industry leading warranty, Black Crow Carbon gives you what you need.

Every design decision and component selection incrementally adds to the reliability of the wheelset to keep you rolling.