Wrapped Crow

  1. Cover the crow on the rim in soapy water

  2. Peel white backing paper away from crow sticker and hold clear sheet

  3. Position the head of the crow over the grey crow decal and wrap around rim (clear sheet on top)

  4. Turn rim over and slide the tail into position as seen through the clear sheet. Don’t worry if it doesn’t stick down yet.

  5. Turn rim over again and check crow’s head. Adjust as required.

  6. Press the middle of the sticker/clear sheet in line with the spokes with one thumb. Using the other thumb press hard starting from the middle and push the water out from under the sticker to the edges.

  7. Turn rim over and repeat on the other side until clear sheet stays down.

  8. While looking at the crow’s head, pull the clear sheet back over itself to peel back off the sticker. If the crow’s head starts to lift, repeat steps 6 & 7.

  9. Gentle peel the clear sheet all the way off.


  1. These are installed dry and best results achieved 1 letter at a time.

  2. Cut out the letter and peel off the white backing paper.

  3. Hold the clear sheet edges and position the letter over the grey decal letter and lightly press into place.

  4. If it needs to be repositioned, lift straight up gently and try again.

  5. With the letter in place, rub the clear sheet over the letter so it sticks down.

  6. Peel the clear sheet back over itself from the top left-corner, except for the A and W – start those at the top-right corner.

(Pics/video are coming!)