Every Black Crow rim is supplied with black brass nipples already installed and held captive by a zip tie.

If you need to replace a nipple every Black Crow rim and wheelset is supplied with a magnetic nipple tool to make the job of feeding the nipple into place quick and easy.

Thread the steel nipple insert into the nipple leaving some exposed so it can be unthreaded later (note that one end is threaded and the other end isn’t).

  1. Drop the nipple into the valve hole.

  2. Hold the magnet flat against the under side of the rim at the valve hole to attract the nipple (you’ll feel it).

  3. Drag the magnet to the spoke hole and around to the hole.

  4. Make circles with the magnet over the spoke hole until the nipple pops out.

  5. Unthread the steel insert from the nipple.

  6. If you aren’t ready to thread it onto the spoke, screw a 2.5-3mm zip tie into the nipple to stop it dropping back in.