Black Crow Carbon rims are built to our specifications using designs, carbons, and resins specified by us.

They’re made by a reputable manufacturer in China who produce rims for many of the industries biggest players.  We design other aspects of the rim such as the undrilled ‘UST’ section of the rim bed, layup to give us the weight, durability, and ride characteristics that we want.  We can design how we want our wheels to feel and to ride, and we can leverage the decades of composites experience of our manufacturer.

We demand the highest possible quality from the manufacturer.  This complete control over materials, process and quality is what made us pursue our own rims rather than rely on other brands.  When things go wrong we’re not waiting for approval from a head-office for a warranty – we are able to quickly make those decisions so our customers are not waiting weeks or months for decisions and replacement rims.  For more on our lifetime warranty and turn-around please see